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Pre-order Soulmate Vmin hoodie XXS-XXXL

Pre-order Soulmate Vmin hoodie XXS-XXXL

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You can pre-order your cuddly hoodie here. This hoodie is made for best friends, for soulmates like Vmin. One of you can wear V and the other one Jimin and you will be connected via the red string. 

This pre-order will be very short, ends 10.3.24 at 10am MEZ. 

The hoodies have an oversized fit and you can get it embroidered. Please check the size chart carefully. The embroidered logo is on the back.
Warm and comfy because 100% cotton.
Self-designed with love to capture beautiful moments. 

Please have in mind what pre-order rules are. 
A pre-order is an order places for an item that hasn't been released or is not currently in stock. It helps fund and manufacture the product. There will be no returns/refunds once a pre-order is placed. The funds are used to pay for the product. Pre-orders take anywhere from 1-3 month. Please only order if you can wait. Pre-orders are at a discounted price and instock prices will increase. 

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